Monday, January 21, 2008

Holly & Bradley

They were the absolute cutest couple. I could tell when I met with them the first time they were forever going to be together!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cafe du Corinth


This is my second post with the help of Saysee. It's a rainy day here in North Mississippi visiting my grandparents...but a big, fat, chocolate chip cookie is helping beat the blues. Be sure and check back for more posts and pix.

Roscoe Turner

Friday, January 11, 2008

Weddings Past

I photographed this wedding for my cousin Cindy. Many years ago. I have only blogged for a short time and I had to go through and post some of my favorite weddings. This was the second time I was the wedding photographer, both times were for family. My nerves were shot, pun intended, but I was very excited about it because it would be in New Orleans, one of my favorite places. It was after this wedding that made me think I could be pretty good at this! So here you have it...


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to my point of view! My name is Rosemary Stanton and I’m a photographer. Photography chose me at a very young age. I was around ten. I still remember the first time I held an SLR. I remember the season, the way the lighting looked, the outfit I was wearing. We were at my grandparents house. It was mid day and I was being nosey when I found this odd looking box in the attic. I remember holding it, moving it around, examining it. Wondering what it did. I showed it to my Mom and she said it was broken, I was devastated. I would hold my next SLR eight years later. With the same curiosity. I explain all this because this is one of the few vivid memories I have from my childhood. My sister and I still talk about how wonderful it was to grow up with our parents and each other. We are blessed. So thank you for looking in on me. I hope you like what you see. Say cheese!!!!!!!